Global Coach Connect, the dream child of Dolly Yeo with co-creator, Yip Lee Fun, is in the process of being set-up to primarily address the very pressing need to promote coaching awareness to the general public as a starting point in bridging the gap between the coaches and the coachees.

The interest in coaching has been growing in recent years and is more prevalent in the Western countries than in Asia. There still remain a vast void in awareness and understanding of what coaching really is and its benefits.

Dolly and Fun have ambitious plans to create a platform where coaches, potential coachees, the public and affiliated partners can all gain from this interactive, social and mutually beneficial connection with each other in various ways to promote healthy living in body, mind and soul through conscious personal transformation.

Watch out for the updates on this blog for more information, activities and events in the coming weeks as Global Coach Connect develops. Join and be part of us by participating in our survey to tell us what services you would like us to incorporate to help us serve you better. All suggestions welcome.

The Background

The Vision

The Mission